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2010 One 4 All Class

October 16, 2012  • Henry Crown Fellows Newsletter

The graduation of the One4All Class was like none-other.  Festivities began with a formal presentation of certificates and awards made by Francis Hoffman and Bill Mayer in Plato’s Restaurant at the Aspen Meadows, and evolved into an all-night dance party and celebration.  Many thanks to Anne Dwane, for once again capturing the spirit of the Fellowship in video form, to Reid Hoffman for personalized gifts of his new book “The Start-Up of You”, to Love Goel for creating a class logo and t-shirts, to Brian Trelstad for his clever and poetic tribute to our time together…and to each and every Fellow for putting together a musical remembrance of the fellowship.  All treasured experiences.

Trish Lukasik sent the following note:  “Tanya Shaw, NT Etuk, and Ben Lilienthal and I enjoyed some good wine and a great evening in NYC Sept. 19 after convening in Tanya’s NY apartment for starters.  Also would love to throw out some kudos to Meaghan Lloyd as she has become the official Architecture 101 instructor for my boys . . . teaching class once/month to them virtually.  They are loving every bit of it and drawing like mad due to her amazing influence. Lastly, I would love to publicly thank Sheila Gulati for her tireless efforts on my behalf to define and then find Phase II of life.  She will know what that means.”

Seth Seaberg reports:  “We just got a $2.5 million grant from the CA Energy Commission to build a plant to produce driverless vehicle platforms in downtown LA.  Also CA passed a driverless vehicle law on Tuesday so the press timing is significant.”

Congratulations to Marci Zaroff who is Executive Producer of the documentary Thread.  The mission of the documentary is to educate consumers on how fashion and textile production impact human and environmental health.  You can watch the trailer here.

2010 Fellow and Pandora Radio Founder Tim Westergren weighs in on the Internet Radio Fairness Act, and offers transparency on how much his company pays musicians for their work in this story featured on Mashable.