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2011 21 Lassos Class

October 16, 2012  • Henry Crown Fellows Newsletter

Amy Langer’s company Sálo, a company known for its innovative healthy workplace environment, announced that it is embarking on a landmark initiative to become the first Blue Zones® Certified Workplace. The Blue Zones Project takes a systematic approach to optimizing the health environment of an individual instead of focusing only on behavior change.  The project will not only focus on fitness and nutrition but also on developing meaningful communities for employees and creating purpose in their lives.  A core component of a Blue Zones workplace is connecting with a group of peers that create a support system called a Moai (moh-eye), a concept borrowed from Okinawa, Japan.  Read more about the initiative here

Michael Soenen successfully launched his project EmergencyLink, a FREE 24-Hour Emergency Response Service, in 2011. Since the launch, EmergencyLink has been featured in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal.  Read the article here.

Anand Giridharadas reports:  “Suzanne Malveaux and I staged a mini-reunion on June 22– on her show on CNN.”  Watch Suzanne and Anand talk about China’s youth seeking to recover heritage here.