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Job Quality Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

May 14, 2018  • Economic Opportunities Program & Job Quality Fellowship

The Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program is accepting nominations for the second cohort of the Job Quality Fellowship. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the fellowship. Please email additional questions to eop.program@aspeninst.org.

Who is eligible to nominate or to apply for the Job Quality Fellowship?

This is an “open call” for people to nominate themselves or others. As the text of the call for nominations indicates, there are preferences for individuals at or near the top levels of their organizations directly involved in developing or implementing strategies to address and improve job quality. We will send eligible nominations an application to complete.

How do I receive the application materials?

To receive the application materials, you must be nominated for the fellowship through this form. Starting on May 31, we will send application materials to nominees that meet our eligibility qualifications. Then, to be considered for the Job Quality Fellowship, eligible nominees must complete the provided application materials by June 28. So that eligible nominees have sufficient time to receive and complete the application materials by June 28, we ask that you please submit all nominations by Monday, June 14.

How and when will nominees receive the link to the application materials?

Program staff is regularly checking all nomination contact information received during the open application period. Applications will be sent out to nominees on the first Monday or Thursday following their nomination. So there is a slight processing delay between nomination and the transmission of the application form. However, if that link is not received, please send an inquiry to eop.program@aspeninst.org.

How can applicants confirm that their application materials are received?

Applicants will receive a confirmation of submission at the end of their application. They will not be notified via email. Only applicants selected for further consideration will receive a follow-up. If you believe your materials were not submitted successfully, you may direct technical inquiries to eop.program@aspeninst.org.

Will the Aspen Institute provide notice to those who apply and are not selected in this cohort of fellows?

We will send a notice of the selection of the 2018-19 fellows and information summarizing the selection process to all individuals who submitted applications. We expect to send that information in the closing days of August, just prior to public release of the Fellows list.

Does the application require letters of recommendation or promise of release or support time from the nominee’s employing organization?

Letters of recommendation are not required, nor is documentation of release or support time at this stage. Support from the nominee’s employing organization may be discussed in the later stage of the selection process.

My organization is primarily or exclusively involved in research, advocacy, or philanthropy, and the issues we focus on include promoting better job quality. Is this a focus area in selecting fellows for this cohort?

Selection will prioritize practitioners. While research, advocacy, and philanthropy play important roles in addressing job quality, these fields are not the focus of this call for nominations. While this is an “open call,” the emphasis in the Job Quality Fellowship will be on people involved in developing or implementing strategies to address and improve job quality.

What time commitment is expected of fellows for in-person meetings and other work at home beyond those sessions?

Including travel and meeting time, we would expect three meetings, entailing a 3-4 day commitment for each. Fellows may also be asked to provide written content for and feedback on materials that feature their work and elevate the innovative strategies they pursue.

Is budget support from the nominee or their employer organization required? Will fellows’ travel and related expenses be reimbursed?

The Economic Opportunities Program will cover travel expenses associated with attending Job Quality Fellowship meetings. Airfare, lodging, and food during each meeting will be covered directly by EOP. Any ground transportation or other associated meeting costs will be reimbursed. There is not a stipend for fellows in this program.

Who should be a Job Quality Fellow?
  • Job Quality Fellows can come from a variety of organizations and disciplines—entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs from public, for-profit, or nonprofit organizations are welcome.
  • We are looking for a variety of innovators focused on developing and supporting job quality above industry or sector standards.
  • We expect fields of work will span economic, community, workforce, and business development services.
  • We also seek entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who are developing business models that design or redesign jobs that boost worker engagement and productivity.
  • Social or other investors who intentionally support businesses building high quality jobs are also a priority.
  • We seek local policy makers and civic leaders that have innovative ideas for improving the quality of jobs or incentivizing higher quality jobs.
  • Those that expand opportunity for people and communities too often left out of the economic mainstream are of specific interest.
  • Fellows should have significant authority and responsibility for devising and implementing strategies within their organization.
Why become a Job Quality Fellow?
  • Fellows will connect with a diverse network of peers engaged in work that addresses job quality.
  • In-person meetings will offer a safe harbor for the discussion of difficult issues as well as connections to resources and support.
  • The research knowledge, network connections, and field leadership efforts of the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program will be marshalled to support the fellows’ work.
  • Fellows and their organizations will be highlighted for their innovative leadership.
  • Fellows will contribute to the development and communication of a new narrative around job quality that supports their efforts.
Is equity and inclusion a focus of the Job Quality Fellowship?

We actively seek candidates with strategies to address issues of equity and inclusion in their communities. Many individuals and communities have been left outside the economic mainstream. Too often they lack access to higher quality jobs, and their needs may not be addressed well by available services and supports. We hope to include leaders who are pursuing innovative strategies to address these ongoing challenges.

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