Eve Smith

Eve Smith currently serves as a research intern for the Economic Opportunities Program. In this role, she assists Workforce Strategies Initiative staff with various research projects through data collection, data analysis, conducting literature reviews, and other administrative tasks as needed. Eve’s research interests include worker well-being, job quality, and organizational behavior. Aside from her work at the Institute, she is also a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at George Mason University. She also serves as an undergraduate research assistant for the Well-Being Laboratory at George Mason’s department of psychology. A couple of the research projects that she is currently involved in include measuring psychological flexibility (resilience) among participants that are faced with stressful situations and observing the disadvantaged youth to determine and measure the degree to which they feel a sense of purpose to pursue long as well as short-term goals. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and travelling to Canada to see family.