Jennifer Simpson

Jennifer Simpson

Executive Director, Finance Leaders Fellowship

Jennifer Simpson is the executive director of the Finance Leaders Fellowship.

Jennifer Simpson is the executive director of the Aspen Finance Leaders Fellowship focused on improving public trust in the global finance industry. An entrepreneurial leader, Jennifer has made private equity and debt investments throughThe Gladstone Companies, where she served on a number of industrial company boards; served as the first CEO for Gladstone Securities; worked in leveraged lending and was chief credit officer for National City Bank’s $4.7 billion small business loan portfolio; invested with PE firm Morgenthaler Partners; and served as EVP of Finance and Operations at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. She was also part of a failed biotech startup serving the MENA region for a time.

Jennifer began her career as a platoon leader in the U.S. Army’s Medical Service Corps after studying economics at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, financing it with a four-year Army ROTC scholarship. Her MBA is from Case Western Reserve University. Jennifer serves on the advisory board for Industrial Exchange, was on the executive board of a nonprofit supporting STEM education, and was co-Founder of the Washington, DC chapter of WAVE (Women in Venture Equity). She has also helped raise her 2 children, now out of the house and on a great path to being good citizens.

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