Ranya Bautista

Ranya Bautista

Project Coordinator, Sports & Society Program

Ranya Bautista is Project Coordinator for the Sports & Society Program's Project Play: Harlem model community initiative.

Ranya joined Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society Program in 2017 to lead Project Play’s model community effort in Harlem. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Maryland and a M.S.Ed in International Educational Development from the University of Pennsylvania.

Having stepped onto the basketball court at the age of 4, Ranya has a particular interest in early childhood and sports, aspiring to blend her passion for international education and sports to develop psycho-social and socio-emotional interventions through play. A native New Yorker, Ranya has adapted to maintain free play as a common thread through her life, discovering the opportunity for play in all facets of her surroundings. She continues to sample multiple sports in her free time.

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