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Introducing Aspen Insight podcast

September 14, 2017  • Zach St. Louis

In a time when divisions along political and ideological lines are growing, the Aspen Institute is working harder than ever to bridge those gaps. We bring together people from all different backgrounds and points of view to talk face to face and work toward finding common ground. We’re launching Aspen Insight to share that work with you.

Aspen Insight is a new podcast that takes you through the halls of the Aspen Institute and introduces you to the fascinating people who are tackling some of the world’s most complex challenges. From the opioid crisis to the Syrian Civil War to cybersecurity and so much more, Aspen Insight brings you stories about the pressing issues we work on and the experts who can help make sense of them.

Listen above for a preview of the show, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts by searching for “Aspen Insight.” The first episode will premiere on September 21.