Hurst Community Initiative

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Generously funded by Aspen locals, Bob and Soledad Hurst, the Hurst Community Initiative seeks to promote dialogue, increase understanding, and facilitate opportunities for meaningful collaboration. Focused on finding solutions to current issues facing diverse populations, and supporting those hardest hit by today’s defining challenges, the Hurst Community Initiative is a collaboration among elected officials, regional service agencies, non-profits, private sector, community organizers, and individuals – Parachute to Aspen, Colorado. Programs include the Hurst Leadership Seminar, the Community Forum on Local Issues, and regional offerings promoting Institute policy programming, civic engagement and the belief that we are more resilient when we work together.

The Hurst Community Initiative strategically serves as a bridge between the Aspen Institute’s global policy programming and regional partners. In early phases of launching the Hurst Community Initiative, the Aspen Institute will facilitate and assess the impact of the following initiatives:

Hurst Leadership Seminar: A Leadership and Values Seminar (for Local Elected-Officials)
These seminars will leverage the power of local officials to effect public policy, while staying true to the values that define a good society.

Emphasis: Leadership development, cross-jurisdictional relationship building, and opportunities for cross-partisan collaboration.

Community Forum on Local Issues (for Non-Elected Community Leaders)
The Aspen Institute Community Forum has worked effectively to identify emerging issues and existing trends that affect the long-term economic, social, and environmental well-being of the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. Diverse groups of influential leaders, including regional organizations, agencies, task forces, community organizers, and citizens are convened to study issues and promote practical recommendations.

Emphasis: The recommendation of action-oriented programming, effective strategy, and community-based solutions.

Aspen Institute Shared Programming (Local Public Partnership)
The Institute’s global policy programs are working in communities around the world and across the United States to develop strategies that solve issues such as inequality, financial instability, access to quality education and opportunity, civic engagement, and a weakening social fabric. Focus on strengthening community through diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Emphasis: Strategically connect Institute programming to regional constituents of the Roaring Fork Valley and the Colorado River Valley.