ASG Summer Workshops

The Summer Workshop is the ASG’s flagship activity, and its annual convenings are conducted against the peaceful and solitary backdrop of the Aspen Mountains. Away from the chaotic scene of Washington, ASG members have the chance to take a step back and reflect on the challenges that the United States faces with a fresh eye and a clear mind. By blocking out the demands of the outside world, the participants are able to take the time to thoroughly immerse themselves in thinking through and discussing all aspects of the issues.

The four-day meeting in August brings ASG members, outside experts, and administration officials to the table to identify and anticipate the forthcoming challenges the United States faces in the international arena. Each session consists of four days of intensive roundtable sessions,  special keynote speakers and panel discussions, and individual time for more informal interactions and conversations among the participants. In line with the Aspen Institute’s broader aim to open its doors to and engage the public and the local community in Aspen, the Summer Workshop also organizes public events that feature ASG members and experts that speak to local and virtual audiences on a wide array of national security and foreign policy topics.

Earlier meetings have focused on a wide range of themes, including cybersecurity, American strategy in South Asia, the global politics of energy, the threat posed by nuclear proliferation, and the influence of government structures on America’s ability to conduct foreign policy.

The ideas and conclusions emanating from each meeting are published in the form of a policy book, made available to the general public by the Aspen Institute Press and the Brookings Institution Press.

America’s Global Leadership and the Future of the Liberal World Order (August 2017)
The Aspen Strategy Group came together this past August for its annual Summer Workshop to examine current challenges to the liberal world order. This year’s workshop began with the Ernest R. May Memorial Lecture by Professor Philip Zelikow entitled, “The Idealism of What Works,” in which he reflected on how to build a more open and civilized world. The group discussed a variety of issues including trade, technology, China’s rise, and Russia. The ASG also hosted a public event on “America’s Path Forward as a Global Leader“; featuring former National Security Advisors Susan Rice, Tom Donilon, Steve Hadley and Condoleezza Rice in conversation with ASG Director Nicholas Burns. The panelists candidly discussed maintaining the balance of power and the survival of the world order. Shortly after the Summer Workshop, Richard Danzig published a piece in Lawfare on how technology will disrupt the current world order, which he presented in Aspen.