Aspen Wye Fellows

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Members of the Aspen Wye Fellows participate in Aspen Institute programming on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and serve as advocates and ambassadors, upholding the Institute’s commitment to a free, just and equitable society. Wye Fellows share the Institute’s interest in encouraging civil dialogue with the most stimulating thinkers of our time to promote understanding and solutions to the most pressing issues of the day.

Wye Fellows enjoy intimate exchange with influential policymakers, corporate leaders and international diplomats at speaker events, panels and roundtable discussions on the Eastern Shore and at the Aspen Institute headquarters in Washington, DC, where Wye Fellows also attend book talks and luncheons with acclaimed authors and arts and culture events.

Few organizations have the convening power, credibility, impact and reach of the Aspen Institute. The Wye Fellows brings Aspen Institute programs to Chesapeake Bay area residents who seek opportunities for deeper understanding of the world we share today.

Join the Wye Fellows for unparalleled experiences and social engagement with your peers.

Benefits of Membership:
  • Monthly speaker events and discussions with national experts, international diplomats, influential policymakers and corporate leaders focused on important current topics
  • Invitations to book talks and luncheons with acclaimed authors and at the Aspen Institute headquarters in Washington, DC
  • Preferred seating at local public concerts hosted by the Aspen Institute
  • The annual Aspen Wye Fellows Holiday Party
  • Discounted rates for renowned Aspen Institute seminars, The Atlantic Festival in Washington, DC and other Institute special events in Aspen, Colorado
  • A subscription to The Aspen Idea magazine and recognition in the Institute’s Annual Report
  • A built-in social network of people in your community who gather monthly to explore the latest ideas in public policy and current affairs

For more information about the Aspen Wye Fellows, please contact Susan Langfitt at (410) 820-5375 or

Wye Fellow speaker events are hosted at the Temple B’nai Israel, 7199 Tristan Drive, Easton, MD. Our office is at 2010 Carmichael Road, Queenstown, Maryland.