Conference on Communications Policy

The Conference on Communications Policy is a global forum on the information ecosystem and its benefit to society. We convene leaders and experts from business, government and the non-sector for the purpose of developing recommendations and activating positive change.

This year’s focus is on content moderation.  Online forums touch the lives of nearly every American and increasingly dominate how information is discovered, consumed, and shared. Yet it is not clear whose role and responsibility it is to police, fact-check, and guide the content that is published and promoted on these platforms. Our focus will be to frame and address core questions including: Who gets to decide and what is the governing framework? How much insight and transparency do platforms owe the public about how newsfeeds, front pages, and other key algorithms are populated with posts and content? How do we balance free expression and the health of public discourse, the scale and scope of online forums, as well as the legal, national and international frameworks that tech companies must operate within?