Community Development Philanthropy

The Community Strategies Group builds the number and capacity of community and region-focused foundations that are taking leadership on – and making a significant difference in – improving the economy and livelihoods in their places.

A growing number of community and regional foundations across the country are finding, creating and embracing opportunities to use the full range of their assets and tools in ways that generate better economic prospects and more broadly shared prosperity for their regions. In short, they are practicing Community Development Philanthropy (CDP).

Foundations practice Community Development Philanthropy when they address critical community issues and play integrating or missing roles to advance regional economic development in ways that build enduring prosperity and livelihoods for all, especially those at the margins.

Community and regional foundations are particularly well-suited to play these roles because they hold a longer-term perspective, are committed to and rooted in place, and, through their mission, shoulder a deep concern that development efforts should produce prosperity that is broadly shared.

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