Education and Society Program

The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program (Aspen Education) improves public education by inspiring, informing, and influencing education leaders to take action across policy and practice, with an emphasis on achieving equity for students of color and children from low-income backgrounds. Aspen Education supports leaders at all levels – from urban superintendents and their teams, to state chiefs and their cabinets, to elected officials and their staffers, to education support organizations, associations, nonprofits, and philanthropy.

Call to Action:Every path to redeeming the social contract runs through public education. Rooting-out race as the arbiter of opportunity and outcomes in school is essential to effectively advancing racial justice in the larger society. …the solutions need to be short-, medium- and long-term – and need to center on racial-equity as powerfully as the racial inequities that stand in the way.” (Advancing Racial Justice Through American Education, Gonzales, Pinkard & Wiener)