2018 Clean Energy Innovation Winter Roundtable


February 25-28, 2018
Aspen, Colorado
Roger Ballentine, President of Green Strategies
James Connaughton, President and CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies

As we have for more than 40 years, the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program convenes non-partisan and neutral policy forums focused on key energy, climate, conservation and environmental topics and how to advance environmental sustainability in a technological world. This year, we will be hosting our annual clean energy-focused convening in a winter setting in beautiful Aspen, rather than in the summer, as we have done previously.

This intimate roundtable will bring together ~35 experts from companies, government, academia, and non-profits to talk about key issues such as electricity wholesale and retail markets, decarbonizing the transportation sector, democratizing clean energy and green heat, industrial decarbonization, and carbon removal.

The roundtable format stresses dialogue between participants, rather than question and answer or just listening to speakers. While each session is introduced by brief presentations, the majority of time is reserved for candid dialogue between participants. The roundtable is enhanced by an informal atmosphere and a not-for-attribution rule that encourages creative thinking, dissenting opinions, and candid dialogue.

Roundtable Agenda

Roundtable Participant List

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Speaker Presentations

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Session I: The Data Room

Amy Grace

Michael Webber

Session II: The Impact of Political Change on Clean Energy

Kate Gordon

Session III: Retail Energy Markets in Transition: New Technology, New Market Players and

Changing Customer Expectations

Bryan Hannegan

Session IV: Reliability, Security, and Resiliency: Does Policy Further or Hinder Energy Innovation

Michelle Patron

Session V: Wholesale Markets: Transition in a Time of Low Cost Energy Generation

Bill Berg

Session VI: Decarbonization: Mid Century Value Proposition and the Social Compact

Amory Lovins

Ted Nordhaus

Julio Friedmann