Retirement Savings Initiative

America’s Retirement Reckoning
A secure retirement with dignity, choice and control is a universal dream. But for too many Americans, the golden years mean financial anxiety and the very real risk of outliving your savings.

Today’s workers need to save even more than past generations did. Americans are living longer, collecting less from Social Security and paying more for health care.

But we are saving less. In fact, nearly one-third of all Americans report no retirement savings at all.

This retirement reckoning harms more than just workers and their families. Declining standards of living for seniors mean slower economic growth and greater need for our already strained social safety net.

The Retirement Savings Initiative seeks bold federal, state and marketplace solutions to America’s retirement crisis.

We connect experts from government, industry, advocacy, and academia to build consensus around 21st century policies and products that will enable low- and moderate-income Americans to save more for retirement and enjoy dignity and financial security in their golden years.

  1. We seek comprehensive national policy solutions that completely reimagine retirement, ensuring all Americans have access to savings opportunities and tax incentives.
  2. We spotlight promising state innovations that expand access to retirement savings and help catalyze national models.
  3. We encourage new financial products and practices to enable more Americans to build solid financial foundations.

Aspen FSP’s work on retirement security is made possible through funding from Prudential Foundation, JPMorgan Asset Management, MetLife Foundation, Ford Foundation, AARP, and TIAA.