Food and Society Program

Food and Society at the Aspen Institute brings together public health leaders, policymakers, researchers, farmers, chefs, food makers, and entrepreneurs to find practical solutions to food system challenges and inequities. Current initiatives include a definitive and widely distributed set of food worker safety guidelines in kitchens and dining rooms during Covid-19; developing a research road map for the use of food as medicine, to increase the data supporting an exciting movement to treat and prevent diet-related chronic illnesses; protecting the physical and financial health of the most vulnerable food-service workers and increasing opportunities for people of color to move into management and especially ownership positions in the food-service industry; creating a draft framework to regulate gene-edited crops and ingredients in the food supply, to ensure public trust; and finding common ground in current soda-tax initiatives to bring about meaningful health improvements. The common goal is to help people of all income levels eat better and more healthful diets—and to enjoy them bite by bite.