Aspen Health Strategy Group

In 2015, twenty-four senior leaders across influential sectors such as health, business, media, and technology, came together to form the Aspen Health Strategy Group (AHSG), a part of the Health, Medicine and Society Program at the Aspen Institute. Co-chaired by Kathleen Sebelius and Tommy Thompson, both former governors and former US Secretaries of Health and Human Services, the AHSG provides recommendations on important and complex health issues to promote improvements in policy and practice.

Each year, the AHSG tackles one issue through a comprehensive, in-depth study. The group’s topic for 2016 was improving care at the end-of-life.  In 2017, AHSG’s work addressed the U.S. opioid epidemic.  Prevention of chronic disease was the subject of the group’s efforts in 2018. Addressing antimicrobial resistance was the topic for 2019, with the final report available here.  Maternal morbidity and mortality has been identified as the topic for 2020.

In the tradition of the thought-provoking conversations about how to solve critical societal issues — the hallmark of the Aspen Institute and its world-renown Aspen Ideas: Health/Aspen Ideas Festival — AHSG looks for big ideas that will transform the way to address the topic it covers each year. Information on the process for the submission of big ideas on maternal morbidity and mortality will be made available here in summer 2020.