America’s Future Summit

The United States is undergoing the most rapid demographic transformation in history fueled in large part by the growth of Latinos born in the United States. Today, a full quarter of all public school students are Latino and, by 2060, Latinos will account for nearly a third of the population. 900,000 Latinos turn 18 and become eligible to vote a year. This demographic change and the youthfulness of the population represents a unique opportunity for the country’s current and future competitiveness and prosperity. The well-being of the nation is deeply intertwined with the ability of Latinos to integrate fully and meaningfully into all sectors of society and to advance economically.

Latinos are finding a voice in politics, contributing to the economy, starting movements, and participating actively in communities across the nation. Progress has been made in important areas such as decreased high school dropout rates and increased college attendance. Yet, many Latinos still have a way to go to realize the American dream through equitable access to opportunities for participating and advancing in society. Ensuring a more inclusive society where all citizens have a voice and a chance at achieving their goals is critical to America’s ongoing success and depends more heavily on the Latino population because of its growth and size.

To raise awareness of these realities, the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program annually convenes the America’s Future Summit, engaging a diverse group of stakeholders in discussions that generate solutions and elevate success stories with the goal of moving the nation forward.