Supporting Communities Leading Through COVID-19

The communities we serve have rapidly mobilized in response to COVID-19. To support and maintain the vitality of the work on the ground, we are expanding our programs and services. Learn how you can partner in our efforts.  

Members of our community are mobilizing to meet the need of the effects of COVID-19.
Pictured: AGLN Fellow Walid Maalouf’s organization, Lebanese Food Bank, provides meals to families in Beirut as the
 economic impacts of the pandemic worsen.

Communities of Action  

The Aspen Institute is the catalyst to the many processes that enable people to flourish and thrive, starting with the creation of human relationships. Our programs create communities of people – young and old – who are willing and able to make an impact in the lives of others. In this time, our focus is on being of service to these communities and identifying ways to address their needs: 

  • Building Resiliency: We are creating ways for youth to remain resilient and feel agency over their situations, despite the adversity they face, by connecting them with the resources, tools, and inspiration they need to see themselves beyond this moment. 
  • Connecting Problem Solvers: We are enabling problem-solvers from around the world to collaborate and fill the gaps left by other institutions and address the effects of COVID-19 in their communities. 
  • Uplifting Voices: We are accelerating efforts to amplify the voices of overlooked communities by offering the platforms we have grown over our 70-year history to add underrepresented perspectives and concerns to critical conversations about the future. 
  • Preparing for the Future: We are creating spaces that enable leaders in all parts of society to productively – and actively – explore what it will take to rebuild society and ensure that what comes next is more fair, just, and equitable.