Socrates Program Scholarships

In the knowledge that breadth of opinion and perspective make for the most engaging and thoughtful dialogue, The Aspen Institute seeks to expand the scope of participation in Socrates to include leaders from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and organizations. By bringing together individuals with diverse opinions and perspectives, the foundation is laid for the constructive tension that characterizes rigorous Socratic exploration.

To that end and through the generous support of contributors to the scholarship endowment and fund, Socrates offers assistance based on professional affiliation, personal background and need to defray the cost of tuition. Nominations are taken from Socrates alumni and other members of the Institute community, as well as from direct applications from individuals who can contribute to the quality of the dialogue around the seminar table.

For additional information about scholarships to participate in Socrates seminars, please contact:

Carly Raizon
Program Coordinator, Socrates Program