Forum For Action: Leading in a Time of Crisis

Our modern world sits on the precipice of significant change. The planet and humankind are renegotiating their relationship. Business is rethinking its mandate. States are reorganizing by popular demand. Technology is revealing both possibility and peril. Citizens are reconsidering truth in an era of disputed facts. How are today’s actions – or lack thereof – shaping the future? Where might we already be too late? What is the fierce call to action you hear? Is it shaking you from apathy, complacency, or confusion? How might we, collectively, confront the fierce urgency of now?

It is time to get uncomfortable. Now is the time to ask the hard questions and take courageous action. To realize the promise of leadership, we invite you to come together–with a sense of fierce urgency–to pass along more than an inheritance of complex challenges without solutions. Future generations are counting on it.

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